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Legislation & Rules

The DIFC laws and regulations are developed by the DIFC Authority (DIFCA) and the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). The DIFCA is responsible for the laws and regulations that regulate the non financial activities within the DIFC including employment law, companies and commercial law and real estate law. The DFSA is responsible for the laws and regulations relating to the all financial and ancillary services within the DIFC.

The DIFC Courts will apply the DIFC's laws and regulations, all of which are listed under Laws and Regulations, unless the parties explicitly agree that another law governs their dispute.

Judgments & Orders

The DIFC Courts have the power to make Orders and give directions as to the conduct of any proceeding before the DIFC Courts that it considers appropriate, including:-

The DIFC Courts have the power to enforce Judgments, Orders or Awards made or ratified by the DIFC Courts within the DIFC. The Chief Justice shall appoint a Judge of the First Instance Court as an Executive Judge with the jurisdiction to issue Execution Orders within the DIFC.

Judgments, Orders and Awards made by the DIFC Courts but which require execution outside the DIFC will be enforced by the Dubai Courts. Judgments, Orders and Awards will only be enforced by the Dubai Courts provided that the Judgment, Order or Award is final, appropriate for enforcement and translated into Arabic.